Richline Woodworking Machines Company is now open

We are now open at our new manufacturing location. We invite you to stop in and try out any of our current model woodworking machines.

  • Richline Woodworking Machines
  • 4720 Haag Drive
  • Union Grove, WI 53182
  • (262) 864-5028 Office
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  • (262) 745-1432 cell

Here is what's new at RichLine Machines …

Mortise Machine

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We added the 18-8-HM Horizontal Mortise Machine to our line up.

The machine is built with heavy cast iron castings. Turned ground and polished shafting with frelon lined sleeve bearings. The right to left movement is 8 inches. The Y axis (or in-out) movement of the router bit is 3 inches. The max width of the stock is 8 inches with standard fence and clamps.

An adjustable locator is mounted above the bit and material. This tells you where the bit will enter the material when cutting the mortise.

The machine is great for cutting a mortise for loose or floating tenons. Like all RichLine Machines, many of it's components are interchangable with other RichLine machines.



  • All cast iron construction
  • The right to left movement is 8 inches
  • The in and out movement is 3 inches


We have improved the 18-7-TT Tenon Machine.

The 18-7-TT Tenon now has a new router clamp casting, making it easier to adjust the router.

We have also added an adjustable vacuum clamp bracket. When using a down cut router bit the bit will push the shavings out toward the vacuum system.

Tenon Machine

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We have improved the 36-20 Dovetail Machine.

The 36-20 Dovetail machine has a new sliding hold down system. The extra clamp helps hold wide material in place. A smaller version can be ordered for the 18-7 Tenon machine.

Dovetail Machine

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The optional single or double bench with cast iron legs will make the machines complete.

Single Stand Double Stand

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For more information on whats new at RichLine Machines contact us.